Project Registration

    General Instructions :

  1. This is not a mobile App (however can be viewed on mobile screen) so kindly use laptop/desktop for use of this site.
  2. Clear the cookies before filling the online form
  3. Remove pop-up block from your browser
  4. Photograph - Passport size (35mm x 45mm, 300 DPI, Straight view/Light background) and in JPEG format.
  5. All the documents that are to be uploaded in the application should be in PDF format and should not be password protected,
    Drawings in DWG format and self-attested (every page of every document).
  6. Site best viewed in "Google Chrome (Version 62.0.3202.94)"
  7. Fields marked with *are mandatory.

    Guide to fill online registration form :

  1. Many details are required for the registration of project which involves information regarding promoter, Promoter 2, plan approvals, Time schedule, Location details of project, Bank account of the project, Associate details etc
  2. For step by step understanding of filing online application, kindly refer Guidelines for Registration page.
  3. Select "New" as application type, if you are a new applicant.
  4. Select "Existing" as application type, if application was incomplete / Shortfall / Withdraw / Change Request
  5. The entire form is divided to various parts with "Save and Continue" facilities for each part
  6. List of Address Proof: Aadhaar/Ration Card/Bank Book/Driving License/Voter Id/Gas/Phone Bill/Passport (Any one)
  7. Click Here for the list of supporting documents, their respective file formats that are needed to be attached with the Project Registration Application Form
  8. Fee Calculator
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