Notice No. 001/2018 Enlistment/Registration of Agencies of Agencies, Companies, Professionals etc
to Render the Services to Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure projects in the state of Andhra Pradesh

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      Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (APRERA), an Authority set up under the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 has the prime responsibility of regulating the Real Estate business in the State of Andhra Pradesh and ensuring that the real estate activities in the state are properly regulated and streamlined as per the provisions of the act and the subsequent rules/regulations applicable from time to time and amendments thereof.

     Keeping in view the objective of the government to reform the real estate sector in Andhra Pradesh and to meet the mandate of APRERA, encouraging greater transparency, citizen centricity, accountability and financial discipline, applications are invited for enrolment of various agencies, who shall be on the approved list of agencies to render the services to Real Estate Projects in State of A.P.

      APRERA has engaged the services of CIDC Enlistment Division for this and for complete list of Items / Services required, Criteria for Registration, Application Forms and other details please log on to the /

      There is no fee payble by individual experts, How ever they should be enrolled on the National Register of Professional Engineers of ECI in appropriate category. the details could be had from

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