Search RERA Projects SRI EADA RAJASEKHARA REDDY, Honorable Member Assumes charge as Chairman (I/c) of APRERA. Quarterly Updates: All the promoters have to submit the Quarterly Updates of July 2023 - Sept 2023 on or before 22/10/2023 without fail. Extension of the Project Registrations: Those promoters whose project registration certificate is expired, shall apply for the Extension of Project Registration immediately as per Form E. Interim directions against projects- Happy Nest and Happy Nest Phase-II Guidelines for exemption from regular Quarterly Updates-Reg


  • Ensuring accountability towards allottees and protect their interest.
  • Infusing transparency, ensure fair-play and reduce frauds & delays.
  • Introducing professionalism and pan India standardization.
  • Establishing symmetry of information between the promoter and allottee.
  • Imposing certain responsibilities on both promoter and allottees.
  • Establishing regulatory oversight mechanism to enforce contracts.
  • Establishing fast-track dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Promoting good governance, which in turn would create investor confidence.

Status of projects

Received : 4788
Approved : 4128
Under Process : 106
Shortfall [at] Promoter : 554

Status of agents

Received : 192
Approved : 188
Under Process : 0
Shortfall [at] Agent : 4

Status of complaints

Total Cases as per Form-M: - Total Cases as per Form-N:
Received : 253 - Received : 119
Disposed : 56 - Disposed : 107
Reserved for Order : 86 - Reserved for Order : Nill
Cases before NCLT : 15 - Cases before NCLT : 02
Cases Running : 96 - Cases Running : 10
Shortfall :

Our Expertise

APRERA strives to achieve its objectives by providing an integrated platform for real estate sector


APRERA will guide the stakeholders of real estate activity to streamline the procedures required for construction of a new project with a view to encourage construction industry.


APRERA will provide clarity on the roles and performance of various stakeholders / promoters and provide a level playing platform to differentiate between performers and non-performers. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 will be beneficial to both developer / promoters and buyers.


APRERA will bring in increased accountability in real estate activity, thereby improving the sector's credibility score and re-instating a sense of security amongst all stakeholders.


APRERA will monitor all the financial transactions of each project, thus improving the governance on the real estate sector by reducing disputes and making the system more transparent and robust.


APRERA mandates the promoters to maintain the quality of materials assured in their respective projects and will see that they don't deviate from the agreed terms in a way giving quality assurance to the prospective buyers.


APRERA will resolve the disputes raised between the promoters and the buyers by implementing the procedures stipulated in the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 and intend to minimize such disputes between the promoters and to encourage healthy atmosphere in real estate activity.

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