Grading of Agents


In current real estate market, real estate agents play a major role in influencing the decision making of consumer/home buyer regarding the selection of project in which they want to invest their hard earned money. it is difficult for the consumer/homebuyer to select a real estate agent whom he can trust and who has an efficient track record. Most of the time consumer/home buyers select Real estate agents based on the reviews given by our friends and known people, but there is lack of objective credibility measurement of the agent. With RERA in place all the real estate agents need to register, be verified and certified, in order to facilitate a real estate transaction. Simultaneously, APRERA will grade the real estate agents based on the documents and information submitted by them during the process of registration. This will improve the overall transparency and accountability in the sector.


To Real Estate Agents

  • Building Trust among buyers
  • Promotes credibility when compared with other real estate agents in the state

To buyers

  • Helps in decision making through comparison of various Real estate agents in a region.
  • Get genuine information on the project.


APRERA will collect the information and documents submitted by Real estate agents for registration and analyze them based on the set parameters. The primary focus is to determine the credibility real estate agent. After analyzing the set parameters, a rating will be assigned and the real estate agent would be under surveillance throughout his/her tenure.


Real Estate Agent track record

  • Previous projects for which sale has been facilitated by the agent
  • Partners details

Legal Clearance

  • Legal cases

Financial stability

  • IT returns and balance sheet